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Well, we've just passed Palm Sunday, which means we've only got a week or less to go on Lent. So far I've only had a soda the Sunday before last, and Sundays are considered "break" days when it comes to Lent, so it's not as bad as it looks. So far, it's looking like I'll complete the race!

Which is good, because my favorite tea supplies are terribly, terribly low. We did recently get a whole lot of teas from a friend of the family, but they're mostly expired and kinda nasty. I'm hoping to pick some up when I go grocery shopping this week; we'll see how that goes. So long for now, and if I don't remember it, have a happy Easter!
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Okay, so now I'm starting to thirst for soda pretty much night and day. It got to the point where I bought myself a bubble tea as a treat Sunday afternoon. I'm also starting to run out of one of my favorite dessert teas, which is... not good. I got it from a Wal-Mart near Christmastime and I'm starting to think it was a seasonal item since I went back there a few weeks ago and I didn't find it.

Oh well. I'll find a way to muddle through somehow.
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Video Games: I'm on bit of a tactical kick lately, so today I dug a little into Advance Wars (the first one). So far I'm getting my ass kicked by the tutorial missions. Last mission I tried I lost two of the units I needed to beat the map. I'm starting to think that strategy games and tactical RPGs are not for me. Even so, it's been a lot of fun; there's actually a little story threaded through it, so when you beat the enemy commander on one mission he responds with some upgraded weaponry on the next, which causes you to respond with some superior firepower of your own, etc. I doubt I'll ever get to complete the game, but it's a nice ride while it lasts.

Food: Still going strong on my no-soda Lenten challenge, by the way! I've even cut down a little on my non-soda sugary beverages. This week I found a nice, mint-flavored black tea, which tastes fine without sugar or milk. It's a big help when I need an extra kick of caffeine to stay awake, like today, for instance. Speaking of sleep, it's my bedtime now, so I better hurry off to bed before I fall asleep in my chair. See ya!
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In case you missed it, last Wednesday I decided to swear off soda for Lent. I am pleased to announce that so far, about a week in, I haven't had a single drop of soda! Hooray! I have had a couple of sweet drinks, like juice and sweet tea, but so far none of the fizzy stuff. I'd like to stop drinking sugary drinks completely (as well as knocking off all the candy and sugar treats), but we'll take it one step at a time here. For right now I'm pleased as punch at my Lenten progress. Hope I can keep it up for another few weeks!
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Happy Ash Wednesday, errybody! It's time to celebrate the vanity of the world around us (not to mention our limited and fragile lives) by planning to do something/give something up and fail to live up to that. Kinda like New Years Resolutions, only for a 40 day sprint. What am I giving up this Lentmas, you ask? Find out under the cut!

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