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Well, it seems the wifi on my computer stopped working; I'm connected to the internet right now through a wire connected to the router. Looks like we're about to reach Computermageddon slowly but surely. Least it's taking it's sweet time. I figure I can wait it out until the newer model laptops come in. In the meantime, here's what I've been reading the past couple weeks:

Infinity Gauntlet, by Jim Starlin and George Perez: I'm not a big Marvel fan, but after seeing this in the library one day I thought, why not? It turns out it taps into all the weird, off-the-wall ballistics I love superheroes for. It got a bit repetitive, though, and I couldn't help but be amused by the fact that almost the whole plot is about Thanos trying to impress some lady with his god-like powers, with Mephisto egging him on ("you should totally fight that group of superheroes at like half strength! chicks'll dig it!").

Snarked, by Roger Langridge: I got the first and second volumes of this out of the library a few years ago, but only recently was I able to find the final volume. This is a delightful romp through the world of Lewis Carroll, starring the walrus and the carpenter as two con-men who team-up with the young queen Scarlett (about 8) and her little brother, Rusty, in order to save the Red King from his untrustworthy advisors. It's a very funny series that's poignant in places, especially near the end; I highly recommend it.

Adventure Time: Sweet Shorts v. 2, by various: This is a collection of short comics featuring the Adventure Time cast by a wide variety of comic writers and artists (Frazer Irving draws a story!). I particularly liked the cute little comic by Kory Bing about the Earls of Lemongrab having a picnic at the beach. Most of the stories are of pretty good quality, but I'm not sure how much a reader who isn't already familiar with Adventure Time would like them.
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Remember that weird bug I was experiencing, back in April? Well, I believe I may have narrowed the problem down a tad. Given the large amount of whirring I heard from it after booting up today (and it did that for a good long while, too), I'm guessing the problem is IMMINENT HARD-DRIVE FAILURE. This wouldn't the first time that this machine has suffered IMMINENT HARD-DRIVE FAILURE, either. I had to take it to the shop late 2013 for that exact issue, and it took months for the shop to fix it. The way they told it, none of the Windows Updates and such were working, even on a cloned drive. So they replaced the hard drive, and luckily they had most everything backed up, so I didn't lose any data. And now it's happening. Again. I'm trying to back up everything I can before the IMMINENT HARD-DRIVE FAILURE commences, but I'm finding it really hard to prioritize which files to save. I don't even know whether I should bother fixing it this time, with the new Windows 10 machines on the way; I suppose I could just get the shop to back-up all my data like last time and see where to go from there.

Anyway, if there's any unexplained absences from this blog in the next couple of weeks, this is probably the reason why. See you later.
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I updated my laptop yesterday (Windows Vista, in case you wanna know), and now it's acting up in the strangest ways. When I booted up today, the standard Aero theme was gone, replaced by the Windows theme from '98. (Here's a good example of what I'm talking about. There was also a message about non-admin users not being able to log-in, but I didn't catch all of it.) I tried to fix it in the personalization menu, but, well, the Aero theme wasn't loading properly there, either. I think I may be using up too much memory on this machine for Aero to load, as sites are loading kinda slowly too. I'll shut it down tonight and boot it up again tomorrow and see if it fixes itself in the morning; if that doesn't do it, I've got a diagnostic test that a friend showed me that I can run, and if that doesn't turn up a solution, we'll see how it goes.

In the meantime, this unfortunate turn of events has caused me to delay Currently Reading Wednesdays to Thursday. Don't worry, folks, I got a real doozy of a post planned for you guys. Also, because of this, my computer may be in the shop for a while (perhaps a month), so my internet presence here and elsewhere may drop off suddenly. Thank you, and have a great rest of the week.


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