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Note: Due to IF Comp reviews and a whole host of other factors, Currently Reading Wednesdays is currently postponed to Saturday. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Currently I'm reading The Northern Caves, an original work of fiction hosted on AO3. It's about a group of fans trying to figure out the meaning behind the final unpublished novel (the titular Northern Caves) written by Leonard Salby, the author of a beloved children's book series, and what they find instead. It's a very dark look at the underbelly of fandom and obsession that at times reminded me of the strange case of Yukio Mishima. (Leonard Salby was not exactly a well man.) Unfortunately I found the ending a bit disappointing (in fact, it almost seems like a deliberate homage to the ending of Psycho), but it would have been admittedly hard to keep the atmosphere of oppression and madness up for so long. Overall I'd say that The Northern Caves is a good scary read for the Halloween season, especially if you like psychological horror.
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Happy birthday, me! I'm probably going out tomorrow to celebrate, so unfortunately no cake for me tonight! But I did have a couple ice cream bars, so I'm good for sweets right now.

Anyway, thanks to all and sundry who read my blog, and I hope you have a great weekend, too! Have fun!
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Happy Easter, guys! I figured I needed a change around these parts, so I switched to a Springier journal style. I didn't like how the links showed up in the last one anyway.

Anyway, things are doing okay over here! Went to church with the fam, and I'm now gobbling down stacks of Easter candy. We got some edible Easter grass, which I nearly ate an entire bag of. Now I'm trying to stop eating all that candy to save some for the rest of the family. Anyway, we're going to have roast for dinner, and after that, I'll probably catch up on some writing projects. Again, I hope you have a happy Easter, if you celebrate it, or a good weekend if you don't. Later!


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