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Heya, peeps! I've been working on a new Knytt Stories level for Fubaka's Epic Level Competition on the Nifflas boards. It is tentatively called "Sleeping Pills" (because it takes place in a dream world, you see) and I got about 14 screens done this week, not counting repeats. They're all in the same area, a kind of gloomy town. I hope to get started on a new area by the end of next week. Here are a couple screens:

The house where you start out
Just outside that same house
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Note: This post was written for the Fandom Snowflake Challenge. To learn more about it, click the banner below:
Fandom Snowflake Challenge banner

In your own space, set some goals for the coming year. They can be fannish or not, public or private. Leave a comment in this post saying you did it. Include a link to your post if you feel comfortable doing so.

Goals, huh? Okay!

1. I would like to write more words this year than I did last year. Going by AO3 stats, it seems like I wrote about 8,000 words in 2015. I'd like to beat that total if at all possible.

2. I want to make something for this year's Epic Knytt Stories Level Competition. The goal is 300 screens, and while I've never made a Knytt Story level that big, I'd certainly be willing to try. My goal is to finish 10-20 screens a week, and I'll try to make check-in posts every Saturday reporting on my progress.

I think that's it! And yeah, I know I skipped a few entries; I'm doing these out of order.
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The past couple of weeks I have just been lazing around, not doing much of anything that would prevent me from updating my blog. And I'm sorry about that! BUT: I do have an excuse for last week. Kinda. Sorta.

For it was right around then that I was putting the finishing touches on... Juni in the Haunted House! *lightning crash*

Spooky, huh?
Anyway, JitHH is another Knytt Stories level, this time a harder, mazier level about exploring (and maybe escaping) a haunted house. It's got thrills! It's got chills! It's got 4 endings and a They Might Be Giants tune you can listen to, if you play your cards right. Finishing up this level was a pain and a half, and it really drained my energy towards the middle of last week, when I was working on it final areas. But it's done now, and you can download and play it! Provided you already have Knytt Stories, of course.

Anyway, this week I hope to put this blog back on a normal schedule. Hopefully I can get Currently Reading Wednesdays on time, too. See you then!
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I am really proud of this title screen.

First, a lttle background: I donated a custom Knytt Stories level to Spring Thing this year, and now, a few months after the comp finished, the level is done. Special thanks to B Minus Seven for picking the prize!

Anyway, At the Zoo is about Juni searching for her friends at, well, the zoo. It's a pretty short piece (only twenty screens) and there are no challenging bits. Instead it's focused around atmosphere and little overheard snatches of dialogue. Give it a try, I bet you'll like it!

(Music is a shortened version of this track.)
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I regret to inform you all that Currently Reading Wednesdays, our weekly book review feature, has once again been postponed to Friday. To make up for it I will be reviewing three things by then, as usual. In the meantime, you might want to try one of the following things:

Try my new Knytt Stories level, House Key
Try the selection of games on nitku's Hugo Online Interpreter
Watch one of my favorite ASMR videos
Check out the meme-game-thing in this post, which is still ongoing
All of (or none of) the above
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“So, is it true?” asked the young knytt. “Are the stories about you really true?”

Juni smiled, her face lightly wrinkled. “And just what stories are you referring to, little one?”

The child frowned. “Well, well, you know, about your adventures! Like the one where you turned off the machine, or the one when you went to the moon, or-or ate the mushroom, or--”

Juni laughed. “My, you’ve heard a lot about me! Tell me, then: do you love those stories you talk about?”

The young knytt nodded.

“Then they really must be so. You see, all stories are true, in the hearts of those who love them.”

With that, Juni took the child by the hand, and they both walked home together.

(Note: This story was written for the [livejournal.com profile] halfamoon Fanfest, a challenge for people to celebrate female creators and characters in fandom. If you liked this story, maybe you should check it out?)
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I am way too proud of this screen. It pops up two or three times in the level.

Hi! I don't know if you guys knew this about me, but every now and then I create new levels for Nifflas's Windows platformer game Knytt Stories. Today I just finished a new Knytt Stories level called A Visit to Grandmother's, and you're all invited to play it! It's a short-and-easy level that focuses more on exploration and environment than challenge. You can download the level from the official Knytt Levels archive here, or from this alternate link over here.

If you don't have Knytt Stories, you can download it from the creator's site here. Then, when you first start up Knytt Stories, you click the "Install Level" option on the main menu (you should see a screen with a bunny on it). Drag and drop the .bin file onto the game screen, and things should go smoothly from there. If you haven't played Knytt Stories before you might want to try the tutorial before playing this game, although I tried to make it very easy even for a total beginner. Remember that you jump using the "S" key!

Here are the songs used in the game:
"Mellotron" by Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

"Two-Headed Dinosaur Main theme" and "Intro 2" by Ben Bartlett
(Tracks available here)
Licensed under Creative Commons: Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0


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