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If you're looking for this week's Currently Reading Wednesdays, I'm sorry to say that it's not here. HOWEVER, the Yuletide fics have been revealed, and with it some very cool stories, including three of my own gifts:

The End of Autumn (They Might Be Giants - No One Knows My Plan + Destination Moon): An eerie tale of an astronaut, an engineer, their love, and mad science. I really dug how the author worked in the details from the songs.

The New Model (Lupin III): A cute short story about how Lupin can be kind of a jerk sometimes, especially towards women. A lot more focused on dialogue than most drabbles I've read, which I like.

Doing the Job (Beat the Champ - The Mountain Goats (Album)): A werewolf wrestler struggles to contain himself during a match. I really liked the slice-of-life take on a wrestler's life on the road.

Plus there was some other great fics, like the following:

A Heart So True (Undertale): Who would have thought that a Pokemon AU fic could be so good? It's got some good worldbuilding and gets pretty heartbreaking near the end. (Note: Contains mild to moderate spoilers for Undertale, if you care about that.)

The Demon and the Cobbler (12 Dancing Princesses): A very sweet story about two characters who become unlikely friends after the end of the fairy tale. I liked the take on the nature of the 12 princes.

Three Jeweled Branches, and a Golden Cup Too (12 Dancing Princesses): This is a simply delightful CYOA story, and I say that having written a few myself. What I really liked was how the writing for the different protagonists made them all quite distinct.

Filibuster Vigilantly (They Might Be Giants - Birdhouse in Your Soul): A quiet fairy tale about a nightlight who fights off an invasion. It's got a warm and cozy feel to it that I absolutely adore.

Inheritance (Red Riding Hood): A deliciously creepy tale about Red Riding Hood after her fateful encounter with the wolf. The overlapping voices are what make this fic for me.

And that's all just what I've managed to get around to so far! There's a bunch more gems hidden in there. I'm probably going to be reading fic long past reveals at the rate I'm going through them. You should dig in yourselves, see what you can find.
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Dear Yuletide Writer 2015

Hi! My name is HealyG (Healy on AO3 and also everywhere but here). I am excited for this year’s Yuletide, aren’t you? Let’s get started with some general likes and dislikes!

General Likes and Dislikes )

Two More Eggs )

No One Knows My Plan (They Might Be Giants) )

Beat the Champ (The Mountain Goats) )

Lupin III )

Thank you for reading my letter! I know it’s a little long. Here’s the part where I say you can use these prompts as jumping off points or ditch them as needed, and also make a noncommittal promise to update them as I see fit.


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