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So some of you might be wondering where that make-up review I promised by Sunday at the latest went. Well, the truth is, I lost track of time this weekend and spent most of today writing Gravity Falls fanfiction. (Technically I also wrote a fairy tale fanfic, but, well.) So! For this Monday, I think what I'll try to do is get two reviews in today. If I can't swing that, I'll try to get in an extra on on Tuesday or Thursday. My goal is to get at least 4 reviews done this week, maybe 5. We'll see if I can swing that.

Hey, I wanna read the Gravity Falls fanfic you did! Somehow I doubt that anyone's thinking this, but just in case, these two fics are the ones I feel can be best enjoyed with minimal knowledge of the show. All you need to know is that Dipper and Mabel are staying at their Great Uncle (or Grunkle) Stan's Mystery Shack for the summer, there's a lot of weird crap in their town, and Dipper has a mysterious journal that is sometimes helpful. Here goes:

Glam Cookies, starring Mabel and Stan )


Werwolf Date, starring Dipper and Mabel )


And there you have it! Of course, while you don't have to watch the show to enjoy them, I think there's a certain richness and-- dare I say it-- character that's added if you've watched the whole series through. Anyway, I'll see you guys later, hopefully with a review or two.
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Bad Bang 4 is the latest in a series of fanfic writing fests in which the point is to contribute intentionally terrible fanfiction and/or fanart (some rounds let you contribute one or the other, but in this one participants had to make both). I made two pieces of fanfiction and art for this round:

Magus, a Study, in the Snow: A one-off drabble about the tormented wizard character from Chrono Trigger. I have a lot of trouble writing drabbles in under 100 words, so this is kind of reflection of my frustrations with the format. Written for certs_up.

Frank Castle Comes to Gotham: In which the Punisher teams up with a young Bruce Wayne. I'm gonna level with you guys and say I'm pleased as Punch at how this turned out. Chapter 5 is one of my favorite things I've written (which doesn't make it good, mind). Written for Liviania.
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Or, perhaps more accurately, I wrote one drabble and another fic under 100 words. (Some people are very particular about the definition of drabble, you see.) Anyway, the theme was to take a character from the canon and write about how they might interact in fandom, or something like that; I took it rather loosely myself, so I suppose I don't care about the exact theme.

Anyway, here are the drabbles:

7 More @WorstMuse Ideas: It's a sequel to a very popular fic I did at Yuletide. I was hoping that popularity would rub off on this one, but no such luck. I guess I should have considered that Yuletide and this event are two very different things. Anyway, to keep with the fandom theme, I parodied bad fanfic habits; I hope nobody is seriously offended by it. There was an extra one I had to delete to keep it 100 words long; maybe I'll put it in a director's cut?

The Gostak Rasks Five: This is going to be utterly incomprehensible if you've never played The Gostak before. Hell, even if you have. The glossary linked in the notes is highly recommended. Contains a cameo appearance of one of my favorite webcomics.


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