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So some of you might be wondering where that make-up review I promised by Sunday at the latest went. Well, the truth is, I lost track of time this weekend and spent most of today writing Gravity Falls fanfiction. (Technically I also wrote a fairy tale fanfic, but, well.) So! For this Monday, I think what I'll try to do is get two reviews in today. If I can't swing that, I'll try to get in an extra on on Tuesday or Thursday. My goal is to get at least 4 reviews done this week, maybe 5. We'll see if I can swing that.

Hey, I wanna read the Gravity Falls fanfic you did! Somehow I doubt that anyone's thinking this, but just in case, these two fics are the ones I feel can be best enjoyed with minimal knowledge of the show. All you need to know is that Dipper and Mabel are staying at their Great Uncle (or Grunkle) Stan's Mystery Shack for the summer, there's a lot of weird crap in their town, and Dipper has a mysterious journal that is sometimes helpful. Here goes:

Mabel hauled a sheet of glittery lumps to the table. “Wanna try my no-bake glam cookies?” she asked.

“I’m not eating anything with glitter in it,” said Stan.

“But this is edible glitter,” said Mabel. “At least, I think so. I found it in the cabinet by the sink.”

Stan’s eyes grew wide. “Sweetie, that wasn’t glitter.”

Just then, the lumps started quivering. They inched together and formed one shiny, gelatinous mass. Mabel tossed it in the sink and ran the faucet full blast. “Hk, vxfk lv pb olih,” the blob glumphed before it dissolved.

“Mabel, let’s just get pizza.”


Mabel burst into the attic. “Hey, Dipper! Guess who’s got a date with a cute werewolf boy?”

Dipper put his book down. “Aren’t werewolves, like, super dangerous?”


“C’mon, let’s look it up in the Journal.” He took it out of his vest and turned the pages until he found the entry on werewolves. “Ah! Here we go: ‘Werewolves are indeed one of the worst creatures I’ve ever met. I have been on twelve dates in this town and werewolves, without fail, have stolen every single one. Total cads.’”

“Huh,” said Mabel.

Dipper scowled. “Wow, whoever wrote this had issues.”


And there you have it! Of course, while you don't have to watch the show to enjoy them, I think there's a certain richness and-- dare I say it-- character that's added if you've watched the whole series through. Anyway, I'll see you guys later, hopefully with a review or two.


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