Apr. 9th, 2017 12:08 pm
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Sorry for not posting much lately. I've been feeling pretty bent out of shape over some forum drama that I'd rather not talk about right now. Let's just say it concerns some seriously upsetting shit, and it's really fucking with my head. I may have to stop going there for a while, or even altogether, even though most (all?) of the perps have gotten banned already.

Anyway, I've been biding my time by playing cutesy RPG Maker games, which have been helpful in taking my mind off things. I may talk about them in depth later this week, but in case I don't, know that At the Tale End is really, really good.
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I apologize again for taking so long to write up a new Currently Reading Wednesdays. I've just been feeling kind of "blah" the last few days (maybe because of all the turkey?) and didn't get around to it.

Anyway, currently I'm reading The Jack Kirby Omnibus Volume One: Starring Green Arrow, with art by Jack Kirby (natch) and writing by various. It's a collection of all the various stories Jack Kirby did for DC Comics in the 50s, mainly for science fiction magazines like House of Mystery and Tales of the Unexpected. (There were also a couple Green Arrow stories in there, like it said in the title, but I didn't really get to them.) The inventiveness of the stories and visuals are a real treat, which is to say that everything is properly wacky in that amazing Silver Age way. One of my favorite stories is the one where a guy takes a concoction that turns him into a flat, 2D man. Kirby's art just sells the transformation and really raises up what would have been just a passable short story into something very enjoyable.

I'm also reading Get Real, a Dortmunder book by Donald Westlake, who also wrote the Parker books under a pseudonym. It's pretty good, but it's a rougher read than I expected. Apparently this was the last Dortmunder book Westlake wrote before he died, so that probably explains it. I'll keep an eye out for earlier books in the series, and see if they're any better.

I'm also play/reading Jay's Journey an early RPG Maker game. It's okay, and the humor is actually pretty good for an RPG Maker game from 2002 or something, but I keep having trouble figuring out where to go, which is really not something that should be happening in a game as linear as Jay's Journey. Most of the time it seems to be due to some underclued puzzle solution, like when I spent 15 minutes in one room only to find, when I looked it up later, that a switch I thought didn't do anything actually did something, I just couldn't see it. A hint guide would have helped here, whether in game or just in a text file. Still, I like it enough that I'll probably go and finish it.
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So it turns out I hadn't read a whole lot of books this week. Whoops! As a substitute, here is an RPG Maker game I've been playing.

Wildcard, by Ace Mercury: I first heard about this game through a review on the late, lamented Frying Bear. This is actually my third replay of the game; on my first I hit some game-crashing bug near the end and didn't come back to it until years later, when I finally beat it on my second replay a few weeks ago. Anyway, what really makes it such a great game is that it's crammed with all this neat optional content. Like, in the battle tournament village, there are these fighters lounging around, and you can pick fights with them and get some good gear if you win. There's also a fishing mini-game that you can ignore if you like, but if you're good at it you can end up with some pretty sweet gear (and a pile of cash). Really, I could list examples here all day, and I'm pretty sure I haven't seen everything yet.

The story is okay, not bad, but not really all that good either. Basically protagonist Ace and his sister come across a sinister plot by the leader of an adventurers' guild called the Dark Stars to get eight magic doodads so they can unseal an ancient evil. They team up with the royal magician and a former member of the Dark Stars to get the magic doodads before him. There's a few twists and turns but that's pretty much the gist of it.

Anyway, if you wanna play it, I've uploaded here; I think Windows 8 and up might have trouble running it, but if you can find a media player that can play midi files you should be golden.

Next week, on Currently Reading Wednesdays: Hopefully it will be an actual book! See you then!


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