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Hello, visitor to this letter! I'm HealyG (or Healy on AO3 and practically everywhere but here), and if you're here it's likely because you plan on writing me something, whether you're my assigned writer or plan to treat me or whatever. Let's get things started with some general likes/dislikes!

Likes: Comedy, action, fake documents, mysteries, humor, mysterious places, heartwarming junk, humor based on people acting like jerks (hey! I can like two things), wordplay/puns, weird junk, character studies, hypocrite humor, show-within-a-show stuff, humor about someone who blithely misunderstands the obvious, characters revealing a surprising side of themselves, mystery symbolism.

Art Specific likes: Clean lines, bright colors (if there are any colors), cartoony faces, comics of any kind (from 4 panel gag strips to more action-oriented stuff), hidden jokes.

Dislikes/DNW: Underage, incest, noncon/dubcon, explicit sexual content, and excessive gore.

Tips for Tricks: I don't do horror all that well, but I do much better when everyone comes out okay, if worse for the wear. I prefer creepiness to violent, blood-soaked horror. Also, if you can make it funny, that'd be a big help.

Tips for Treats: I prefer gen to ships, but shipping is fine as long as there is equal focus on the plot/action/comedy. I have a slight preference for comedy over fluffiness, but either is okay.

Fandoms: Gravity Falls (Mabel, Stan, Ford, Dipper, Bill); Spirit Phone - Lemon Demon (Album) (Lifetime Achievement Award, Ancient Aliens, Touch-Tone Telephone); Hansel and Gretel (Fairy Tale) (The Witch); Homestar Runner (Any).

More to come soon, hopefully!


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