Oct. 15th, 2015

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Note: Due to IF Comp reviews and me not finishing the book on time to review it on Tuesday, Currently Reading Wednesdays has been pushed back to Thursday.

Currently I'm reading the second book in the Sherlock, Lupin & Me, The Soprano's Last Song, by Pierdomenico Baccalario and Alessandro Gatti. It was a way more enjoyable read than the first book; I don't know if the writers hit their stride, the translation got better, or I just got used to the writing style, but there seemed to be a lot less awkward phrasing and grammar in this one.

The mystery is improved as well; in the first book the main characters were just all, "welp, found a dead body, guess we better solve this mystery!" Here, one of the three's father was accused of the murder, so they had much more of a stake in solving the case. I guessed the murderer a few chapters in, but that's what you get for reading a YA mystery.

I saw the third book in the series at my local library, so I might review that one next week. Either that, or I'll write an extra IF Comp review. See you next time!


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