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Note: Due to IF Comp reviews, Currently Reading Wednesdays have been pushed back to later in the week. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Currently I'm reading Astro City: Private Lives by Kurt Busiek, Brent Anderson, and Alex Ross. It's a sort of superheroes-as-slice-of-life book; many of the stories contained in this volume and others focus on smaller characters than the larger-than-life superheroes: sidekicks, down-and-out supervillains, and other folks who live on the fringes of regular superhero stories. Some of the stories in this volume are stronger than most (the one about the lady who fixed up old supervillain robots and puts them on display in a makeshift museum is a particular favorite), but all of them have their moments. Plus there's a bit of a tie-in with the storyline set up in the Through Open Doors volume, which I thought was nice.

Also, I'm continuing on with the Sherlock, Lupin & Me books, with the third book, The Mystery of the Scarlet Rose. The central mystery, about the bizarre return of an old criminal gang, was engaging, but the puppy love subplot was pretty blah; the romance junk was pretty easy to ignore in the older books, but here it seemed to jump to the forefront. Anyway, despite these flaws, I enjoyed the book. I'll keep reading these as long as my library stocks them.


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