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Hahaha! I certainly did not mean to take this long to get around to this! Let's get down to business.

Vattu by Evan Dahm: This is a webcomic about Vattu, a little girl from a tribal culture who is forced into a life in a big imperial city. I tried reading this comic back when it first started (in 2010, 2011-ish), but it was taking too long to get to the point, and the pages loaded way too slow on my crappy connection, so I put it aside and forgot about it for a few years. (I think I might have tried again sometime later, but I ran into the same issue.) Then, on Wednesday morning I googled Rice Boy (one of Evan Dahm's other comics, set in the same world, Overside) for reasons I forget (I think I was researching something for Knytt Stories?), and remembered this comic. It picked up quite a hefty archive since the last time I checked, so I decided to try reading it again.

Spoilers: It turns out I totally loved it! The story really starts to pick up after it leaves Vattu's homeland and spreads its focus to other characters. It's still not done yet (we're about halfway through, according to some comments by the author), but the plotlines being set up now are fascinating stuff. My favorite is the one following the mysterious enclave of mystical chemists.

Rice Boy by Evan Dahm, also: I'm following along with the new rerun blog. It's quite fascinating! I never realized how much of the story was ad hoc before now. I was sort of disappointed with the ending when it first wrapped up, but knowing how much of the plot was still up in the air, at least in the beginning, makes me feel a little better about it now. (Also I've totally forgotten how hot T-O-E was until now.)

Thimble Theater by E. C. Segar: This was a collection featuring Popeye's first appearance. It's actually interesting to see the big lummox from the beginning. Most of the strip's focus was on this dumb blowhard called Castor Oyl (Olive's brother) and his pseudo-magical whiffle hen Bernice, but Popeye was already a forceful presence from practically his first entrance. No spinach as of yet, but already he's punching every badnik there is to punch. Something about his appearance here seems off, though. Maybe it's something in the face? Anyway, it's good stuff if you like old 20s-30s comic strips.
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