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Note: Due to IF Comp reviews and Yuletide, Currently Reading Wednesdays has been postponed to Sunday. We're really sorry for the inconvenience.

Currently I am reading various Lupin III specials and movies.

What? They got subtitles, they count. Bro I will fight you on this.

Anyway, here's what I watched:

Island of Assassins/In Memory of Walther P-38: Probably the most motherloving 90s-looking Lupin I have ever seen. Really gory, too. Anyway this is the one where Lupin gets shanghaied by a gang of assassins from the Bermuda Triangle. It's pretty good, but the main baddie was a bit too obvious for my tastes. Also what was even up with the white-haired blade guy.

Episode Zero: First Contact: Honestly I was kinda disappointed by this one; I thought the plot kinda meandered here and there, and it totally wasted its NYC setting. Still has some great moments with Lupin and his team, though.

Record of the Observations of the East: Another Page: This one has an implausible plot and looks like it was made for all of five dollars, but I still really enjoyed it! The story beats were nice and peppy, and everybody got a chance to shine, even the sidekick lady. Perhaps best of all, it has a callback to one of my favorite Lupin III episodes near the end. Really recommend checking this one out if you can.

(Not sure why everyone kept winking, though.)

Farewell to Nostradamus: I was completely unprepared for how insane this movie would be. Everybody seems to harp on the fact that Lupin is "too much of a good guy", whatever the hell that means, but nobody seems to talk about how this movie has like an entire series worth of plots jammed into a 90 minute running time. First you got the airplane hijacking, then there's the Nostradamus cult, then you got the ginormous building which is basically an arcology, and I think all that's introduced in just the first half-hour of the movie.

At first I was like "Man, this plot's moving pretty briskly," then I thought there must've been some Axe Cop-esque game of one-upmanship among the writing staff, then I wondered if somebody had a gun to the head of a writer until he thought up enough plot points, then I figured that it must have been the result of some bizarre Lovacraftian animation ritual. TMS were commissioned to animate 13 episodes of some TV series by a mysterious stranger, blacked out for months, then finally woke up to find this film on their desks.

Anyway, I guess this is a roundabout way of saying I really enjoyed it! Way better than the Dead or Alive film, at least, about which I have trouble remembering anything at all.
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