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Hello, all and sundry! For the next couple weeks I'm going to be reviewing a game from this year's IF Comp every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Up next, it's Megan Steven's Much Love, BJP.

Much Love, BJP is a very short story about some notable highlights from the life of a female war correspondent. It kind of functions as short lesson in recent world history, which is why I wasn't surprised to find out it began life as a school project. Truly there is a new tradition of games made for a classroom setting being submitted to the comp.

Much Love, BJP is fairly well written and engaging, but I had trouble figuring out the context of each vignette. This is probably because it was made for a class; when you go over the same material as a group, you can more easily adjust for audience expectations and knowledge. It's also a bit insubstantial as a story, given that there are only about 5 nodes in the game. Still, it could be quite useful as a teaching tool, particularly for classes about current conflict in the Middle East.

Conclusion: Much Love, BJP is okay as a work of art and a bit better as a teaching tool.


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